what is ”Fash” in order to Fash it!?

"Eye-Fringed Patch"

A Fringed Eye-Patch is a Good example of the Fashing Look, Sooo Fash!!

Hello, my name is Ricardo Pardo, and i will explain as clearly as i can what exactly ‘Fash’ means.

I’ll just define FASH in 2 words: Surrealist Fashion

Yep! you read properly… it’s a concept based on Very Aesthetic Art in Fashion, with unnecessary elements…for example, DIAMOND RETAINERS!! or even any kind of EPHEMERAL BIJOUX!!

Very Beatiful and Fashionable Ideas, Images and Inspiration but with very little sense or realism….

If you think this is Interesting… follow up this blog and get prepared to Fash it!


About Fash it

Since Fashion has been so lame and boring lately... WE NEED A CHANGE! FASH is the new concept Fashion needs nowadays!! Surrealist Fashion is FASH, to understand more about it... just follow Fashit, "Love to Style creative design, Create stylish design and Design style creatively"

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